Stony Brook Fall Sports Postponed

The domino effect of COVID-19, which started with the Ivy League Conference cancelling its college football season, has now taken effect on Long Island.

On Friday, July 17, the Board of Directors in the Colonial Athletic Association announced that conference competition for the Fall 2020 season was suspended, affecting all 12 college football teams in the conference, including Stony Brook. However, the door was still left open for the conference teams to participate in non-conference action as an independent team, which is what 4 teams in the FCS are currently doing, pending their decision whether or not to proceed with college football in the fall. However, it is unlikely that Stony Brook Football will not play against their scheduled non-conference opponents either, completely postponing their college football season.

Immediately following the CAA’s decision to cancel conference competition for the Fall, America East Commissioner Amy Huchthausen made her decision on behalf of the conference to postpone fall sports competition, including Volleyball, Soccer, Field Hockey, etc. Stony Brook Volleyball and Soccer are members of the America East Conference, which has in turn affecting their seasons as well, where the Volleyball and Women’s Soccer team are coming off America East Tournament appearances.

Despite the postponement of fall sports competition, Stony Brook Football is currently working on a plan to resume college football action in the spring, holding out hope for many stars on the Football team, including Redshirt Senior QB Tyquell Fields, Redshirt Sophomore RB Ty Son Lawton, and Redshirt Senior LB Augie Contressa. As for the America East, fall sports in conference play has not been cancelled altogether, holding out hope for the 10 America East teams to eventually play when the conference declares it’ll be safe to do so.

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